Monday, November 15, 2010

"Good Business Is Just Being Polite"

Clowning is such an important area of my life, I have put good business practices into place. I tend to think of these practices as "thing my grandmother would be proud of..."

My grandmother, we called her "Princess Grandma" apparently because she used a princess phone. If you are old enough to remember a princess phone you can pretty much imagine her entire house. She lived in Hollywood in a lavendar house. A really nice lady.

My brother and I spent two weeks there one summer. We heard, things like "don't say thanks, it sounds crude, say 'thank you'." We heard, "animals put their elbows on the table" We heard "a gentleman stands when a lady enters the room" And the all important "send a thank you"

Hey you know what, this is old fashioned but it's business!

Stand when someone enters the room, this mean acknowledge people when the come into your life.

Don't say thanks, say Thank You. That means Listen to your customer and listen hard. It's easy to say thanks and blow something off. Take a minute and say Thank you. It makes you really appreciate what has been done or said.

Get your elbows off the table. Means don't be lazy, pay attention to your surroundings, it's not all about your comfort. Oh this one is so important to performers. We think we are pretty important. Without our audience we are just someone dressing up.

I am a big fan of polite practice, I think it translates into good business practice, which we can all do better!

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