Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"An Amazing Thing Happened At The Hospital The Other Day..."

Dragging myself to the hospital...Another visit to see sick kids...Why do I always say yes?...I've got a million things to do today...This messes up my entire day...Not even being paid... (Hello brain...Shhhhh, you are the one that said you'd visit the kids).

I was going to San Francisco General Hospital to visit sick children.

As I was riding the elevator up to the 5th floor an older gentleman of Latin origins was staring at me. I said hello, he looked just very tired, he nodded, barely...

Did my clown thing. Saw the kids. The ones that could leave their room came to the playroom and watched my magic show. We had a blast, my dumb brain was put to shame; there was no place I'd rather be, once I get going, I love my work.

There was a pretty girl of about 10 or 11, her father watching her laugh and just smiling. I then noticed that older man in the elevator was her father...the thing was he was not older, he was maybe 30, or there abouts. He was smiling, he was watching his daughter laugh.

The tired old man in the elevator probably had not slept in days. His beautiful daughter was in the hospital. He was able to just be with her as she laughed as was a fun little girl.

My being there shaved 30 years off that man's face. In that moment, I got what I do for people is pretty cool.

I don't know what happened to that pretty little girl but I gave a wonderful 45 minute gift to her father at his lowest point. He was just with her as she laughed...I could see it in his face.

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