Sunday, April 5, 2015

One Balloon Animal Per Child...Nah!

Quite a while ago, when my son was in preschool.  One of the mothers was talking to me and said she saw an entertainer at another party.

When I had little kids and I was in those social circles, people gave me opinions of performers they had seen.  It was natural, it's like meeting a dentist at a party, then talking about some bad experience you've had with a dentist.  What I do is an unusual occupation, it was their way of opening something up.

One thing that struck me about our conversation.  Her son wanted another balloon and the entertainer held to the only one balloon per child custom.

She took away a meh attitude toward this performer.  Everything else was good, she was left with a bad feeling.

How you leave an event is everything.  It's a weird human behavior but a bad feeling at the end will taint our whole experience.  We may have a great meal but the waiter took forever to bring the check and then was slightly rude.  The whole experience diminished.  You'll remember the meal for not being great because of a little glitch at the end.

When I started, I held to the same rule.  One balloon, if you pop it, hey, that's what balloons do.  Tough it out kid, life's tough.

On the other hand. Who cares.  give the kids as many as they want.  Why not?  So what, you go over your time by 15 or 20 minutes.

15 or 20 minutes and you leave with not only a satisfied customer but a customer that loves you forever.

I totally ruin it for all other performers.

You can have a five year old looking at you with big eyes asking for a dinosaur.  You can can say, "Everyone only gets one balloon, you already got a balloon, that wouldn't be fair to the other children"

They hear. "Mean clown mean clown mean clown"

Or, you can just do it and it takes the same amount of time as explaining.  If you are running out of time.  Just say you can't make a dinosaur how about a sword or a dog or a bear?  In case you don't know this.  Children are easily manipulated!

The kids are happy, birthday parents are happy, you get hugs and a tip at the end.  Seems like the way to go.

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