Thursday, April 14, 2011

"People Think It's Pretty Cool What I Do For a Living..."

People think it’s so cool what I do for a living. I’m my own boss, I get to do what I love.

My big secret...I’m really jealous of people with jobs. I’m so driven to get the next gig. At least I’m driven to wait around fretting over it.

My big secret...I live in a perpetual state of stage fright. Upcoming shows are always on my mind. I do a lot of kid’s birthday parties, those may seem on the low level of performing but I fret and dream about them the night before.

I look at the variety performers I know. We are an independent, not high functioning group. A lot of single people. People not great in social situations, offices a mess, big dreams all the time. That's me, a functioning mess.

There is a price for being an artist. My family pays a price for sure. As much as I love my family and as much time as my job allows me to be with them; I disappear and can be gone very long days when I do a show. I also will disappear into my own head worrying or thinking about shows or lack of shows.

I get to bring laughter into people’s lives. That’s very cool for an hour at a time, then it’s wondering if I’m going to get to do it again or if that was the last show.

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