Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Keep It Simple Stupid...KISS"

When I was at Ringling Brother's Clown College in Venice Florida, we would walk into the circus arena every morning. One of the first things we would see (along with the trapeze riggings and general mayhem of having 50 clowns in one location) was a giant banner reading Keep It Simple Stupid. The K the I the S the S super large...KISS.

This was a tenant and still a tenant of the great Steve Smith, Dean of Clown College when I was there.

I was thinking about my business cards, I was thinking about how I present myself on the phone, I was thinking about what parents want to hear to book me. I can say a million things but one or two messages scream loud and clear, fun, professional, funny.

I have spent a lot of time staring at the computer trying to make myself look more professional. I'm in debt to the stylings of Jay Alexander on my promo and David Gallagher on my web site. Each time I tweak or change things they sit there saying "why?" "What's the message?"

So, in the end I trust them and I keep it simple.

I was thinking about what I wrote about yesterday...taking control at a party. Simple, I'm a clown, my job is to take the children on a wild ride full of antics.

So, I have to admit, as I write this, I am full of conflicts about things that aren't simple and my inner voice is fighting this conversation like crazy. I always tend to want to over explain and talk in circles. But really, I'm an artist that paints in the canvas of laughing children. It's pretty simple.

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