Monday, January 4, 2016

Really Am I That Old...

There's a nice optical illusion when you're onstage;  you look much younger.

I have a high energy, I'm silly, I talk a little fast, my voice (I hear this a lot) sounds younger than I am.

I did a great stand up show the other night.  It was using more of my stand up comedy skills.  It was a party for a young man of 10.  He is severely handicapped.  He can hardly speak, lives in a wheel chair, may not be able to feed himself.

The theme was a carnival.  The mother was very sweet.  She is single and obviously this young man means everything to her.  She, luckily, had a nice family structure to support her.

At the end, when I was taking a picture with Jayden, I was touched by how sweet the whole experience was.

(I always make sure and get one shot of me and the birthday child.  No matter what.  It would have been very easy to say goodbye in this instance.  he was asleep.  But you know what?  I create memories.  I always ignore that nagging voice in my head that says, you don't need to do this.  I just take a picture).

I was the star attraction of this event.  This happens to me a lot, I walk into a situation, I am shocked that I'm put on a stage and entertain the crowd.  Luckily, I kill.  I'm really funny.

There was one woman I was picking on in the center of the room.  Her cousins were all there, they kept trying to push her on stage as I did my show with the children.  (My show works on both levels.  I do comedy for the adults and physical stuff for the kids at the same time).

When I was running around at the end. I went to her to do the kiss me on the cheek bit.  She was sort of not that fun at this point, even though her cousins were.

I took off my hat, she said, ewww you're old.

And I actually felt bad.

I broke the illusion of stage performer.  Plus, I don't feel old.  I just feel like myself.

This has been sitting with me a lot.

Eww you're old.

My time has passsed me by.  All I've learned, All the comedy I can do with just a look.  It's all wasted because...Ewww you're old.

I'm an old clown.  Wow. Sort of snuck up on me.

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