Friday, September 30, 2011

"Don't be rude to your customers"

So, I so wanted to tell someone to go $#% themselves today.

It's a strange feeling, to want to say $#%^ to someone. I just want to make people laugh and feel good.

I was working at an event this afternoon for the Diabetes Foundation. 1200 people taking an afternoon off work to walk and raise money. It was great, I'm really happy to have been part of it.

But I got one of those young employees that worked at Hyatt (a corporate sponsor, nothing against Hyatt). She was pretty rude, which always catches me off guard. I have to catch myself because under it all, I'm a forked tongue devil. I am a trained performer, a trained comedian, I can taker hecklers and destroy them. Nothing good ever comes from that though.

She said she doesn't like clowns.

I am continually baffled by this kind of statement. She certainly could have said, "no thanks, give it to a kid". I get that a lot, it's a blow off but an easy way out for me. This was just insulting.

And it's totally under my skin. I'm here questioning why I do what I do. I met hundreds and hundreds of people that I got to smile, some laugh hysterically, I will be on dozens of Facebook pages. But this one just makes me mad.

The good part, I saved face, made a joke, a quick balloon and got out of there. This is a no win.

But I write about it because it hurts. I suppose this is a way this person gets through life, dismissing people. I can tell she has a very thick shell. My guess not a fan of the unpredictable.

This is the part of being a clown that isn't so fun.

I could say oh well but I can't again, it does hurt. Oh well, at least I made some new friends....

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