Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"I hate hate hate chairs!"

One too many chairs but I just hate to see a bunch of kids sitting around in chairs, it sucks the energy out of a room.

When I see a bunch of kids in chairs (this is assuming I'm not doing a stage show!), I get them out of their chairs, sitting on the floor. It's a warm up, it's a get to know you and it's way more comfortable for the kids.

I feel pretty strongly about this. At a preschool, does the teacher put kids in chairs to do story time or sing songs? Um no, I'll just answer, because I can't hear you. In first grade, when the teacher reads a story, all the kids sit on the carpet in the story telling area. Why? Because this is the fun area, this is the area, where creativity happens.

Chairs are for adults. Chairs take the kids out of the show, it makes them shy. I need freedom and creativity.

No chairs allowed for this clown!

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