Friday, February 20, 2015

Waitin for the news...

I'm about to have an embedded reporter follow me around for the weekend.  I'm so nervous/excited.

I've gone through all emotions this week since I found out.  (I've done a few phone interviews with him.  I was just taken aback when he asked if he could follow me around and watch my process as I put on make up and get ready.  What my office looks like, what my car looks like...)

I got the "I'm not worthy willies".  I was really mad at myself for a few days.  I got over it.  I feel pretty deserving today.

As I've been getting ready, I am going through my resume.  This crazy blog one of my biggest achievements.  Although, I take this as a huge failure.  It's a failure because I have so few readers.  Oh well.

It turns out, this cool reporter found me through this.

He even read it.  I have moments here where I am so frustrated with my life I want to quit.  The only place I share is, oh where the world can see it, here!  He saw it and asked me about it.

I've done a lot of interviews.  I was really close to being on a reality TV show about clowns.  I have come so close to fame.  I've never found it.

Maybe this time.

If I could do anything.  I'd have a children's TV show.  If I could do anything, I would do family shows in small theaters around the country.  Maybe someone will read this article and let me follow my dream.

Just a nudge beyond where I am right now.

Maybe this time.

Maybe this time. 

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