Thursday, December 27, 2012

Theatrical Clowning...

Just finished my annual theatre show.

Washing sweaty clown clothes.  Filthy towels from all the water tricks I did on stage.  I did water spitting, spit takes, an upside down water trick that "went wrong" and spilled all over the stage.

And thinking thinking thinking.

I didn't get as many folks in the audience as I'd like, not nearly really.  That's frustrating, I sit back and wonder what I could do to get more people.  I'm baffled, flummoxed.

On the creative side.  This was my best show, I feel. I thought it flowed, it was really funny and I had great theatrical elements.  Taping myself to a chair just makes me happy.  I know there is more to explore with a roll of painters tape and a chair but I went pretty far with it.  One thing I learned.  Make sure the tape is fresh, having to find the end of the tape was frustrating, funny but frustrating.

My hat hanging from a rope as I tried to figure out how to put it on again makes me smile.  My juggling clubs hanging from the ceiling by ropes and pulleys, silly funny.

I live in a funny universe.

The people that came had a great time.  The ones that weren't there...why?

I did break even plus I think I'm ahead about $100 for the whole thing.  I guess that's cool, in the scheme of theatre.  I paid the rent, bought new props and paid for staffing.  That's a tough thing to do.

If you ever want to try a theatrical clown piece, send me a note.  I'll help you out, I may try to talk you out of it but I'll help you out.

And I'm a bit sore tonight.  Lots of falling in this show.  Falling off chairs, slipping on water on the stage, falling trying to get my hat on my head.  I love prat falls but you do pay a price.

The one thing that always keeps me going.  The kids looking at the red velvet seats in a theatre and being amazed.  One little boy was there with his grandma really early.  We were still setting up the stage, I wasn't in make up yet.  They came into the theatre.  We talked for a minute, I told them a place to hang out.  The little boy looked at the theatre and said "I love the seats, I love this place"  And that's why I do it.  I can spend my life in the living room circus but there is nothing like the red velvet chairs, the black stage and the bright lights in your eyes.

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