Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clowning and Teaching...

I've always wanted to teach, along with perform.

4 years ago I began subbing.  I needed to make more money, it's tough to make a living as a full time clown.  Subbing worked for me, I needed an on call job that didn't interfere with clowning.

Subbing is not very difficult for me, standing in front of a group is easy, keeping kids attention is easy.  The hard part is when I have to do discipline.  I don't ever like being the hard ass.  But sometimes you have to in a high school Chemistry class...

I think there is cross over between being a clown and working as a substitute teacher.

I started documenting my life as a sub.  I spent all of last year documenting being a sub by filming myself on my lunch breaks.  Take a look, tell me what you think.  Please subscribe on youtube.  I release my 2 minute episodes twice a week.


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