Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Clowns and Gas Prices"

More than that darned old economy, I'm in competition with Shell, Exxon and Chevron.

When gas prices go up, my prices come down. I understand, people end up with a hundred less in their checking accounts at the end of the month. That's less discretionary money for things like going out to dinner, movies and of course clowns.

I figure I'm the bell weather of the state of the economy. When people feel good, they hire me, when they are worried about money, I don't get hired. The one common all of us have, rich or poor, we complain about the price of gas.

I've given up on complaining, I've even given up on looking around for cheap gas it goes up and down so fast. I'm now one of those people that just says "whatever". But I notice. I can't help it. We all have to drive, sorry hippies but how do we get groceries? How do you get a clown to come to your house? The one line in the sand for me...Not going to take a bus to my shows!

Pray for electric cars and natural gas powered cars because I need the money!

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