Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My New Friend...

Have I talked about being an extra?


OK.  It's something I try to do because I'm in the Screen Actors Guild and it pays pretty well.  They are a little hard to land but it's sort of fun to sit around a movie set and eat M & Ms all day.

And sometimes you meet interesting people.

This is a movie called Etruscan Smile.  (of course subject to change.  That's a terrible name by the way).

We shot in a hospital in San Francisco.  I was in the background visiting someone in the hospital.

I sat in a room with fake nurses, fake doctors, fake family and fake patients.

we sat and sat.  I listened to as many podcasts as I could stand, then I struck up a conversation with the fellah next to me.

He didn't seem that interesting to me.  An older fellah. He was in a hospital gown with a fake I.V. and  a tube running up his nose.

We started talking acting.  It was pretty interesting.

Then he said, he had takes some time off to do a clown training.  I casually said, "who did you study with"

I don't tend to reveal my true identity.  It's a lot of work and explanation.

He said, Clown College then he toured with Ringling Brothers.

Me too!  says I.

We were off and running.  Because we were there for 9 hours before they needed us.  (yes NINE).  We talked and talked and shared memories and clown gags.

It was so fun.  He was from another clown era.  My training experience with clowning has mostly been very serious.  When I discuss clowning, I am often overly thoughtful about the concepts.

Len had toured in the 70s with Lou Jacobs and Otto Griebling.  Legends.

And Len just made me happy to be a clown.

We didn't talk about the state of clowning or my theories of why my income has gone down or why people "say" they are afraid of clowns.

It was just who we had seen, traveling in the circus. puns and laughing.

Len lives about 60 or 70 miles from me but I decided I'm going to be his friend.

I don't do this often.  But I need him in my life.  A clown that isn't serious.   Isn't that strange?  I just want to laugh about the old times.  I want to watch Buster Keaton with someone just for fun.

We've emailed 10 times since I saw him a few days ago.  I think we needed each other in our lives.

People are interesting.  The person next to you might be the most interesting person in the world.  And he is.

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