Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back To My Roots

I'm on my way to the Ringling Reunion in Sarasota Florida.

Sitting in the airport.  I feel the same fear, excitement I felt so many years ago.

Clown College is the fork in the road for me.  My whole life was created from those three months I spent learning to become a circus clown.  I've never felt so at home and accepted before or since.

I'm fatter, older, balder but much more of a clown now.

When I went to clown college, I was amazed by how the older clowns were so funny, yet they didn't throw themselves on the floor or kill themselves on purpose.

There was sparseness of movement.

It's taken me a lifetime to get this but that's what clowning is.  Precise movements to elicit
 the greatest comedy effect.

So excited.  So full of foolish thoughts.

In the Tampa Airport waiting for my clown shoes!

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