Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Love This Clown Store

I found out I have a fan from Clown Antics.  Apparently they even read my blog.

But I don't know them, I have never talked to them, I just love their store.  I get nothing out of this recommendation other than the chance to look through their site again and again.  I put this on here, because I use this site.  I buy socks.  I buy whoopee cushions, I buy magic.  Mostly, I just buy inspiration from them.

I always buy too much when I shop here but so what?  I often buy things that sit for 10 years and I suddenly "discover" them.   Clown Antics gives me inspiration, I look through the site and get ideas.  Lots and lots of ideas for routines.  It's just fun to look through.

Some people "get it" some people don't.  Clown Antics "gets it". This is a real site for clowns.  I keep trying to find an excuse to buy the giant underwear. 

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