Monday, July 2, 2012

The artists way

I have a mouth full of specialized cotton to stop the bleeding, I'm on vicadin, and an anti-inflammatory to keep my incisions from swelling.  I talk funny and half my tongue still can't feel, 10 hours later. 

But I'm just so happy.

I had a tooth ache some months ago.  It got bad enough to see the dentist, he couldn't find anything wrong, cleaned it up, it seemed to get better.  Then he sent me to a periodontist who said in 4 seconds it's cracked, can't be saved.

I went to the implant specialist but we couldn't align schedules.  Until this morning.  So I've been living with this for over 2 months.  When they pull the tooth out, you will be able to see it in my smile.

I had a fake tooth made for when it was pulled, so I wouldn't have a gap waiting for the implant but it's a retainer thing and will make me talk funny.

It's all over and I'm so happy.  Yes, I've got pain, I've got this retainer thing in my mouth.  I'm learning to talk very quickly with it.

I can still be a clown.  I was just so worried.  I have lovely straight teeth.  I've even had my filling replaced with white ones.  my smile is a big deal to me.

The thing about being an artist, I will do anything to keep moving forward.  I realized after the post operative stuff wore off, I can still do it.  I am so grateful.  I am so happy.

I wasn't sure I could do my upcoming shows in a few days.  I must be an artist. I went through an awful lot today.  I went through it all with clowning in mind.  

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