Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Why Modern Family Gets It"

Making fun of clowns is such a lame easy joke. In fact, it's so easy, it's become part of our culture that clowns aren't funny and clowns are scary.

Odd when you think about it...clowns are funny that's um...the definition of a clown. If they're not funny, they are something else. Let's replace the word powerful with scary, the clown is a very powerful character.

Modern Family makes jokes about clowns. The character Cam is a retired clown, they did a hilarious spoof of Cam sleep clowning where he gets up at night and puts on his make up. Last night they did an episode of clowns sending one of their mentors off at a funeral.

It was really funny and made fun of clowns. hmmm kudos to the writers for not taking the easy boring way out.

Look, if you can't make fun of clowns, the world is lost. Clowns are one step ahead making us laugh as they reflect the craziness we do in day to day life. Pointing out how politicians are fools, going to extremes to show us how much we care about fashion and what others think of us. Clowns are making fun of us. So go for it, make fun of the clowns, they will always be a step ahead making fun of you right back, if they get personally hurt, it's their own damn fault for being clowns!

One of my most important lessons at Clown College, you can't make fun of something you don't have a deep understanding of (pardon my ending on a preposition but I'm worked up...did it again!) I tried to do a skit where I was a terrible ballet dancer. I am not a ballet dancer so it didn't work. There are ways I can do it now, with years of experience (for instance simply trying my hardest to do ballet would be really funny) but at the time, throwing myself around pretending to dance was pathetic and not really funny.

Modern Family took an understanding of clowning and knocked the joke out of the park. If you don't know anything about clowns, you can go to the, they're scary, no one likes them. If you take some time and pay some attention to the art, it's hilarious. Getting inside the world of clowns is even funnier because clowns take themselves rather seriously e.g. this blog.

Three whoopee cushions farting at once for Modern Family. (Plus I had a good friend in the episode. They even took the time to use real professionals! Imagine that?)

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