Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Are My Shoes Shined?"

I once heard the difference between a thousand dollar magician and a two hundred dollar magician is one shines his shoes.

I think about this one all the time, this is deceptively simple. As if shining your shoes will make you that much more money. So I have to look at my own shoes...

My shirt is a bit frayed around the collar, nothing anyone would not to bad yet, I need to pay attention to it though, these shirts are custom made, so a bit more delicate than a store bought shirt. My juggling clubs are a bit scratched and could be wiped down. Not too bad. My cases look good, my tables are new.

Then I look a bit deeper. How do I enter a room? Are my shoes polished in the way I meet my client? Did I show up early? Did I set up my show before I entered, so I don't waste my client's time?

Once again, the question; am I being lazy? That's the big question. So, I have to ponder the question...are my shoes shined?

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  1. Thx Boswick for the heads up about professionally putting ur best foot forward! Pardon the pun! :0)
    What I would like to know is what to consider when buying real leather clown shoes & why it might pay to invest in them instead of the plastic throwaways that are just used for party costumes. Would you mind talking about walking around in shoes that are at least 3-4" longer than regular shoes, paradeability & long charity hours, if weather or style has any effect, pros/cons. If I have missed it in another prior posting please direct me....I haven't got to read them all yet.