Saturday, February 10, 2018

Got Me An Agent...

I'm noticing this blog has shifted toward Boswick becoming an actor.  WTF?

I go through phases.  Usually you can tell with how crazy I keep my hair where my focus is.  Obviously when I use product in my hair comb down the sides.  I'm an actor.

When I let the sides of my hair go nuts, like I'm Ted from SCRUBS.  I'm in total clown mode.

I'm such a f'n actor right now...

I had my audition on Thursday with Look Talent.  I was so nervous.

I worked and worked and worked on my audition piece.  Mumbling it to myself all over.  The morning of my audition.  I played out the day in a backwards fashion.  My appointment was at 11.  Be stepping out the door by 10.  Shower at 9:45.  Put resumes and pictures in portfolio by 9:30. Shave at 9, iron shirt by 8:30.

Backwards timelines are very effective.  I learned them years ago when I was a super Landmark guru.

I was doing one this morning on my taxes.  It makes it seem so much easier when you start with the finished event and work backwards on what has to happen.  I'm looking at my plan on my audition day.  So many holes in there.  I ended up with tons of time.

This is the craziest audition.  I went in.  Pretty early.  I was 20 minutes early for my appointment.

Joan had me sit.  I was noticeably sweating on my bald forehead.  (embarrassing)

We talked for 30 seconds.  She told me how much my old agent Mary means to her and if I was one of her actors, not to worry.  She said, I see you, you're already in so let's just talk.

It took all my strength not to try and do my audition piece.  That would just be needy.

She's the nicest lady.  We just talked for an hour plus about my life, her life, our kids.  The business, the old days of auditions.  I miss black and white photos.  She misses black and white photos.  So much more artistic.

I'm so confused.  I think of my life as if I were 12 years old, getting away with pretending to be a performer.

When I walked out.  I made a decision to take this acting thing very seriously.  I got home.  Made an appointment for new photos.  Updated my resume on the submission site the casting agents use.

And crazy enough.  I purchased a web site with my name to put my photos, videos and links to cool articles.  Actors do this.  I don't exactly know why but I started on it.

One of the problems with a resume you take something big like touring with the circus and it's one line.  With the web site, I can describe it a bit.

When I used to audition a lot, I'd have 3 shirts freshly pressed in my closet for auditions.  Time to do that again.  Maybe even buy some shirts for auditions.  When you're on camera you have to know what colors look good on you.  What styles.

How strange.  I'm an actor again.

Don't worry.  I'll goof it up.  I'm always the clown inside. 

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